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When times are tough, and everybody at work is nervous, managers must help their employees stay engaged, focused and motivated. An email isn’t going to cut it. Your team may need frequent assurances. Give them your time and be honest with them. Don't be evasive or promise anything you can’t deliver. We must be the voice of calm and stability.

Retaining your team’s positive motivation and continued education in this tough time with all they are thinking about both professionally and personally, will be our challenge. From re-decorating your “location offices” for a change in mindsets, to being more effectively involved in “pair calls” with employees, to find out how others in your company are handling their challenges and solutions, will be more of the norm.

Incorporating a “thread of FUN and learning” into every aspect of our daily routines, will help with maintaining more effective communication and reinforce performance goals while helping with the human side of how different personalities adapt to this challenge.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Keys to understanding the importance of “business as UNususal”: keeping the same while making it different
  2. Creating smaller, more frequent educational components to our training initiatives without “death by email!”
  3. Discover your “engageable” team leaders to help customize games, contests, and other “out of the box” motivational ideas using visual collaboration
  4. Maintaining our own attitude by adjusting our leadership styles to become a champion “change agent”